The Snowflake on the Mountain Peak

The map of me 
Has become clearer to see 
Not overnight 
But over years
Of poking and peeking 
And facing the fears 
Of peeling back layers 
And allowing the tears to flow 
Even though their torrent formed mudslides 
And left nowhere to hide anymore 
But that was the ultimate point 
What use is a map that cannot join me to me 
Because of bits I daren’t see? 
How will that guide to where I need to be? 
And so, I got washed away by a giant wave 
In order to find my way 
To the circular cave 
At the base of the mountain
That I know will save me from the sea 
As I return to be 
The snowflake on the mountain peak 

The Snowflake on the Mountain Peak 2018 

​Book Three

Book One

I was once an old, wooden rowing boat

That battled the very greatest storms

Out in the middle of an ocean deep

Through pain and perseverence

I brought that boat to shore

Since then, I have been a blue tiger

And a girl asleep in her soul

In truth, I have been many things...

And now?

Now, I am awareness of the light within

And the skin that carries me around, that I often mistakenly believe to be 'me'

Where once I was an actor

(Who didn't know that she was on stage)

Now, I am an observer

​A fledgling knower of truth

Who finds herself occasionally waiting in the wings;

A call-back to the sleeping world

But, the light is bright

And the curtain has been lifted enough times to pull me back again

Back to waking state

And the reminder that asleep

​Is no longer the way to live

Book Two


There are two lights. One guides. The other illuminates. Both take me home.

The Conscious Mind Collection 2009 - 2022

Book Four

​​Proud member of ABNA, The Association of British Naive Artists

Rachel Plytas | British Naives

Book Five

**Books Six to Nineteen have been completed and are waiting for upload**

Below, are extracts from a number of books that I have filled with thoughts, findings and guidance (to self) gained through a daily meditation practice over the last couple of years. Each book was written as part of my own personal discovery and journey through conscious awareness. As such, all messages that arose or observations made were intended for and relevant to me.

I offer a selection of these messages and observations here, mindful that they are my truth, and are not being presented as anything beyond that. You may agree with some of them, or disagree, either will be fine because, ultimately, the only way to find your own truth is to open that communication with yourself and tap into the wisdom held below conscious awareness.