Beyond the Boundary (Into the Sea)

Beyond the boundary (take three)

No longer the soul encaged by me

Into the sea we swim as three

1 + 2 = one

Finally free

Let me see by the light of the moon that guides me to me

In the darkest of night

No horizon in sight

Just the light in the sky

On the sea

Within me

Behind are the layers acquired that encaged

Behind the patterns, the beliefs that enslaved me to the life that I gave to me

Before I became to be

Into the sea

31 August 2020

The Dawning of the Solar Light

The spirit moved

Inside and out

From mountain peak

It sought me out

Back to the start when heart was gone

It gave me light

It made me feel at one again

No more divided

Not this nor that

So many sides that slipped away

Are gone today

A relief from pain, I have to say

And now I stand within the light

I've learned to swim and fly and climb

So very high

I touch the sky

And that's okay cause all the time

My feet are firmly on the ground

My eyes awake

My heart no longer breaking, gone or so discarded

I brought it back and now I guard it

With love, with kindness, care and compassion

The fire stays lit

I hold the passion of who I am

Without the labels

Of what I've seen

But now with tables turned to show

What I've come to know

The truth to me

That set me free

That flowed me back into the sea

This time complete

I am the peak and the ocean deep

No more to speak

My love runs deep

Where once asleep

I rest

In peace

22 November 2020

As Above, So Below

Layers fall away

Naked inside

I move from acquired to let go


And fall back into the flow of life as it is meant to be

Free of the patterns that have defined me as me

Free from the fear

A purer way to be in the world

The greatest secret untold

The deepest source of the gold that we all hold


The Sinking Sun Returns to Gold

stepping down into the soul
the sinking sun returns to gold
layers reveal
one after the other
each one carried forward from a time when there was no other option
but to layer up
and cover oneself
inside and out
with fragments of personality
or identity
designed (unknown) to rescue me from the sea
to create the armour that i presented as me in order to be in the world
but now each step down reveals the foundation of fear that brought me here
that has held those layers so close and so dear to me through all of these years
and as i look
i see
those layers acquired have separated me

from the truth of how i was born
naked and free
devoid of the need to be this or be that
devoid of the need to cover the skin that i have
because naked and free is how i came to be in this world
and how i return to be
as the sinking sun returns to gold

24 July 2020

​​Proud member of ABNA, The Association of British Naive Artists

Rachel Plytas | British Naives

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From out to in, the spirit moves

The mind is done, the quest for heaven long gone

Everything returns to one (TCMC)

The Spirit Moves Series


The Light on the Water

From fins to wings and back again

I walk in my skin

Knowing that I am all

Not one or the other

But in the air and under water

Navigating one world and then the other

No control

In the flow

The only thing that I know is this heart that grows and grows

Full of wonder

Feeling stronger

By the day, the hour and the minute

The fire that burns within it

Carries me through

The light on the water shines from under

And above

I see it

From ocean bed

And clouds overhead

​The guiding light of my love

​24 August 2020